About Us

I have been an avid comic book reader for most of my life. I have not missed a San Diego Comic Con in 27 years. Recently I have decided to turn my hobby into a business. I want to provide and share the experiences I have in this comic world with everyone. 

Turning a hobby into a business isn’t easy. I get emotionally attached to my comics. The joy of finding that one hard to find variant or a signed comic is a rush I want everyone to enjoy!

So through conventions and online retail, I have been able to connect those hard to find variants, those graded and signed comics and convention exclusives to customers all over the world. We recently started adding CGC and CBCS services along with access to exclusive signings of the top artists and creators. 

We have also started into the world of pressing comics and appraising/conserving comic book collections. 

So welcome to El Rey Comics.